Student and Alumni of Yale


All About STAY

Why We Exist

The Unmet Need

Many students long for real-world skills to help them improve their time at Yale and jumpstart their post-Yale careers. In essence, STAY will leverage how Yale's alumni volunteers - newly teamed with Yale students - change lives.

STAY's Objectives

STAY works closely with the Association of Yale Alumni (AYA), Undergraduate Career Services (UCS), student governments & organizations (YCC, GSA, GPSS, etc.), and other campus partners, in order to:

  • Enhance the Yale experience for students by connecting them with Yale's experienced and enthusiastic alumni
  • Prepare undergraduate and G&P students for life after Yale through our financial literacy programs, leadership forums, mentoring and networking events
  • Encourage students to stay involved with Yale after graduation by providing them with alumni volunteer and leadership opportunities
  • Inspire alumni to meaningfully connect with Yale by interacting with current students
  • Contribute our time and talent to further Yale's mission in the world
STAY's Strategic Role at Yale

STAY's committee volunteers and leaders exert a distinctly positive force at Yale. Traditionally, alumni relations offices don't focus on students. Likewise, Deans' Offices don't focus on alumni. STAY bridges the various Yale communities and stakeholders in varying ways:

  1. Breaking down institutional boundaries, by confronting challenges that alumni or students alone would find daunting.
  2. Finding & connecting existing resources and forming new collaborations
  3. Marshaling STAY horsepower to support resource-constrained individuals and groups.

For example, despite harboring hundreds of student groups, each with their own leaders, Yale does not provide pure leadership training. Bringing Yale alumni and students together in collaboration with the AYA, STAY has started to fill this void. Our programs like the semi-annual Student Leadership Forums bring distinguished alumni and members of the Yale community together with current students to discuss real-world leadership problems and strategies to deal with different leadership challenges. Likewise, Yale has only begun to offer campus-wide joint student-alumni volunteer opportunities. Following the model of the Yale Day of Service of students and alumni collaborating to give back to the community, STAY engages in additional service opportunities and highlighting the outstanding public service contributions through the Yale-Jefferson Awards.

The Model

Student-alumni organizations exist at a handful of other non-Ivy colleges and universities. One-off student-alumni programs exist at some of the Ivies (e.g., Dartmouth's "Take a Student to Lunch" program). Among the non-Ivies with sustained student-alumni organizations, such organizations focus on various combinations of service/philanthropy, tradition/pride, and networking/mentoring. Here at Yale, STAY makes Yale a pioneer in student-alumni service and programming among the Ivies.

Key elements of STAY's model include:

  • Service, programs, forums, trainings, and events open to - and for the benefit of - the entire Yale community
  • Annual recognition of inspiring innovative individual public service through the Yale-Jefferson Awards
  • Dues-free membership, but with active committee service required