Student and Alumni of Yale


Calendar of Events

Planned Activities

In addition to the above, the following programs are (or will soon be) the focus of STAY:

  • Networking events. STAY sponsors networking events between students and alumni. Networking events may be based on affiliations with graduate and professional schools, residential colleges, special interests, shared identity, or career goals. When possible, STAY takes advantage of the alumni presence on campus during the annual AYA Assembly and other key alumni events.
  • Mentoring. STAY is developing a meaningful and structured mentoring program. This program will include mentoring provided by G&P students to undergraduates as well as between students and alumni.
  • Local alumni-student events. STAY connects students with local Yale clubs, SIGs, graduate and professional alumni associations, and other groups for special programs. The programs may be educational, service-oriented, or recreational.
  • Connections for students abroad. STAY develops resources for students spending a semester or a summer abroad so they can connect with the Yale club in the city where they will be living.
  • Day of Service. STAY engages students in New Haven (or in their hometown) Day of Service events.
  • Participation in other alumni volunteer trips/events. STAY publicizes student-alumni volunteer initiatives like the Yale Alumni Service Corps tours to students and encourages participation (scholarships are available).
  • Introduce students to alumni resources. STAY regularly has access to Rose Alumni House for programs and events for undergraduates and G&P students. STAY also works with the AYA, UCS, and other campus organizations to hold annual alumni activities fairs to expose students to the ways they can stay connected to Yale after graduation.
  • Prepare students for active alumni volunteer leadership. STAY works with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to organize annual alumni interview training for Yale students - undergraduate and G&P alike.
  • Student leadership training. STAY sponsors and arranges attendees for Student Leadership Forums that allow alumni to share life leadership lessons with students, and allow students to think through (and report on) leadership challenges.
  • Social events. STAY sponsors social events that bring students and alumni together on the Yale campus and around the world. This may involve connecting visiting alumni with students for meals, working with local Yale clubs to plan student/alumni summer picnics, helping SIGs plan happy hours with students, or any other activity that brings students and alumni together.