STAY Programs

To achieve our mission, STAY maintains multiple platforms and programming to bring students and alumni together. Through well over events since our founding, we’ve engaged thousands of Yale College students, grad/professional (G&P) students, and alums. Our platforms and proramming include:

  • Alumni Leaders: Monthly meetings with Yale’s alumni leaders.
  • STAY Alumni Teas: Gatherings, each led by an alum with a story.
  • Student Leadership Forums: Alum-led deep-dives on leadership. Open to all Yale Students
  • Financial Life After Yale: Personal finance chats led by alums.
  • Careers, Life, and Yale: Weekly alumni career-and-life Zoom wisdom.
  • Peer school insights: Road trips: what other schools do with alums. We’ve visited (or hosted) schools like the US Naval Academy, Vassar, and Princeton in recent years.
  • Yale Public Service Awards: Our service awards for students and alums.
  • Networking & Mentoring: Early access to > 1,000 potential mentors.

Our central purpose, previously-lacking at Yale and Yale’s peers, sets us apart: our unique venues for unleashing student-alumni time and talent from three Yale communities (undergrads, g&p students, and alumni/ae) as a way to form long-lasting, meaningful relationships. Our mission takes us far beyond New Haven. We aim to change lives–those of Yale students and alumni/ae, and those in places beyond Yale’s day-to-day reach.